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Difference between agents & lawyers

It is important to understand that certain types of immigration aid cannot be provided by immigration agents, which only Immigration lawyers can do.

Immigration aid entails assisting with visa applications and other visa-related issues, such as:

  • Advising a visa applicant/sponsor regarding a visa/sponsorship application
  • Assisting in preparation of a visa/ nomination/ sponsorship application.

Which type of immigration consultant will help me achieve the best outcome for my application?

Best Immigration Consultant for your immigration

Beware of the important distinctions between immigration lawyers and migration agents – when you choose to migrate.

It’s critical to remember that whether you hire a migration agent or an immigration lawyer, you should always check that they’re authorised personal to handle your case.

Only an immigration lawyer or a registered migration agency can offer you migration-related services and advice.

Registered Australian Migration Agents

Registered migration agents come under the scope of an Australian agency called the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). Attaining the title of registered migration agent calls upon the fulfillment of certain requisites. These include:

  • Completing defined courses in Australian migration law
  • Getting registered with OMARA
  • Having indemnity insurance for your license holder
  • Taking up yearly continued professional development (CPD) to upskill knowledge and maintain registration.

How can they help you? 

  • In preparing your visa application, reviewing documents and applications
  • Updating passport and other details with the Home office
  • Organizing skill assessment
  • Helping with border issues
  • Representing your case at the Tribunal (previously known as AAT) in case of refused or canceled visa
  • Providing a guideline for visa pathways
  • Guiding on specific immigration issues

Australian Immigration Lawyers

While registered immigration agents’ and immigration lawyers’ roles and obligations overlap, they are not the same. Speaking of Australian immigration lawyers, they are qualified legal professionals who meet the following criteria:

  • Possess an approved law degree
  • Have experience in practical law training
  • Pass the bar exam
  • Undergo Continued Professional Development (CPD) every year to upgrade their skill and knowledge.

They can help with all the immigration issues and even support you in judicial proceedings in case of any conflict of interest. Abreast with the immigration rules and regulations, they are the best people to provide legal solutions to any untoward situations that may come up in your immigration process.

Only an immigration lawyer or a registered migration agency can offer you migration-related services and advice.

1. Qualifications

Migration agents are required to:

  • Complete a 6-month training course and pass exams successfully.
  • Apply to be registered with OMARA.

Immigration lawyers are required to:

  • Complete a Bachelor of Laws degree (minimum 3-year qualification)
  • Undertake practical legal training and work experience
  • Apply to the Supreme Court for admission as a lawyer
  • Apply to the Legal Practice Board of the State for a Practicing Certificate
2. Level of Expertise and Understanding

Immigration law is governed by:

  • Broad legislation
  • Extensive policy guidelines
  • Parliamentary directives
3. Claiming legal professional privilege
  • Migration agents are required to keep client communications private
  • Only a lawyer can claim legal professional privilege.
4. Standards of conduct

Migration agents are subject to the following:

  • OMARA’s code of conduct

Immigration lawyers are subject to:

  • The Legal Profession Act.
  • The Legal Professional Conduct Rules
  • The Law Society Ethical and Practice Guidelines
5. Extent of service

The services offered in migration are primarily related to:

  • Providing advice and applying for a visa.
  • Filing an appeal with Tribunals and Courts

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