Malta Migration process is simple and Hassle free. The Malta Permanent Residency grants Permanent Residency status in Malta, one of Europe’s most dynamic economies within 12 weeks of submitting a complete application. 

The basic Requirements for the Eligibility to Migrate to Malta are :

  • Be over 18 years of age and non-EU citizen
  • Meet the qualifying investment requirements
  • Have a stable and regular source of income.
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Acquire global health insurance coverage
  • Be in good health and of good reputation
  • Provide evidence of the source of funds used for the application
  • Have sufficient financial resources to support themselves
  • Provide proof of assets of at least EUR 500,000, with at least EUR 150,000 in financial assets

Types of visas

There are three types of visa for travelling to Malta, depending on the type of journey you intend to make:

These visas allow the holder to cross the international transit zone of Malta’s International Airport. Nationals from countries included in the list of countries with the obligation to carry an Airport Transit Visa must be in possession of this visa.

These visas allow the holder to transit through or remain in the territory of Malta and all other Schengen Member States for a maximum period of three months (90 days) within a period of six months (180 days) from the entry date into the Schengen area.

These visas allow the holder to stay in the territory of Malta for periods longer than three months (90 days).

Applications for long-term or “D” visas are not subject of representation arrangements and the applicants should contact the Central Visa Unit for further information as to which of Malta’s diplomatic missions and consular posts would accept their visa applications.

Visa Application Information

Schengen visa applications must be lodged at the diplomatic mission of the country which is the main destination of the visit.  In the event, therefore, that an applicant intends to visit several Schengen Member States (with stays of approximately the same duration), the application must be lodged at the diplomatic mission of the country of first entry into Schengen.   Thus, applicants wishing to visit Malta as the main destination, or being the country of first entry into the Schengen area, must lodge their applications at Malta’s diplomatic missions.

The Visa Application Form must be wholly and legibly completed, and signed by the applicant, and accompanied by:

  • A valid travel document (passport) validity of which must not be less than three (3) months;
  • Two (2) passport-size photographs, in colour and taken against a white background, with face clearly visible;
  • The visa fee.

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