Obtain a Free Block of Land in a Queensland Town!

With increasing costs, it’s no secret that getting into the housing market is extremely difficult, but one region is bringing hope to young Australians.

A little town in the outback is giving away plots of land to would-be homeowners, but you’d have to be willing to live in the community of 800 people.

Quilpie Shire Council, located 1,000 kilometers west of Brisbane, is giving a $12,500 reward to anyone who purchase land and construct homes in the area.With land costs as low as $12,500, the region is effectively handing out plots to would-be homebuilders in rural Queensland.

However, with property blocks selling for as little as $12,500, residents may effectively get the land for free.

After the town had a housing shortage due to residents flocking to the area to enjoy the laid-back outback lifestyle, the plan was devised to attract individuals eager to relocate to the area to build new homes.

The award applies to all towns in the council region, including Quilpie, Eromanga, Adavale, Toompine, and Cheepie.

“You’d be hard pressed to find a better offer anyplace in Australia, and depending on the cost of the land picked, it might equate to us giving land away.”

Quilpie Shire Mayor Stuart MacKenzie stated that the town’s job possibilities would hopefully attract additional people.The Quilpie Shire Council hopes that the offer will attract a younger demographic to the area, as well as increase long-term employment opportunities.

Two supermarkets, a butcher, baker, newsagents, and hairdressers, as well as two schools and an early learning institution, are located in the neighborhood, which is known for opal mining and dinosaur bones.

While the municipality desperately needs to fill positions such as nurses and teachers, there aren’t enough residences to accommodate newcomers.

Justin Hancock, CEO of the Quilpie Shire Council, spent his first six months in town living in a retirement home and wanted to do something about the housing shortage.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better value anyplace in Australia if you’re wanting to retire and require a cheap home base for travel, or if you’re a young professional trying to get your foot on the property ladder. It might translate to us practically giving land away, depending on the cost of the site chosen,” he stated.

“We now have over ten employment openings in Quilpie that we hope will entice some new younger folks to live out here, since the younger generation will not want to live in a retirement village.”

It’s a fantastic opportunity for folks who have been priced out of the city and coastal markets to enter the market, he continued.

Job openings include positions in the local National Australia Bank, early daycare, mechanics, bartending, and more. The possibility of coming to town to start a business is a great idea as there are incredibly affordable prospects in the town industrial sector and internet access on par with city regions.

For 2022, there are plans of having more tourism roles in the region, so now is the time for individuals to start thinking about moving!

If you want to relocate to Australia and are seeking for economical housing or a new employment, this close-knit outback community might be the place for you!

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